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Three Years Later
07.09.2012 10:00PM
The date was Thursday, July 9, 2009. I packed my bags and headed for the big city. All this just two weeks after returning from six weeks in Europe to complete my Master of Architecture (okay, that was just a small portion of the six weeks, the rest was spent vacationing).

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House Hunters Chicago
02.06.2012 10:00PM
For years I've tuned into HGTV and watched the bevy of real estate programs - House Hunters, Property Virgins, My First Place - on Wednesday I'll get to put all my acquired knowledge to use as I look for a house in Chicago. After meeting with a realtor last week I've set up the first set of homes to check out.

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01.03.2012 9:00PM
If the Mayans are correct, then this is it. Just a little under a year remains for Earth and all its inhabitants. That's a good reason as any to not make any resolutions for the new year. If I can't evaluate how well I did at the end of the year, then screw it. Well that was easy. While I may not being making resolutions per se...

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Pop Quiz Hotshot! 2011 Year In Review
12.13.2011 9:00PM
I have no idea where 2011 went, but in a little over two weeks it will be 2012. Holy hell. Thank god I semi-regularly update this blog and post plenty of photographs. Otherwise I would have no idea what I did for the last 365 days. But now it's time to test YOUR knowledge/memory. If you read the blog, check out the photos, and follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter...

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Haiti- First Impressions
11.20.2011 7:00PM
The first sights of Port-au-Prince (PaP) are not pretty. Unlike Cairo or Lima where I flew into the city well after dark obscuring everything until morning, I arrived in PaP under blue skies and a bright sun. And unlike other cities situated on the beach, there is not hotel after hotel lining the sand. Nope, the first sights of PaP as you near touch down are shanty towns.

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Destination: Haiti
10.31.2011 10:00PM
Over the course of 2+ years at my job, I've had the opportunity to travel quite extensively. While its all been domestic and not quite exotic (Washington DC, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Nashville, Tulsa, Omaha, etc.) it is one (of many) aspect I really enjoy about my job. But a new travel opportunity has arose and its international and exotic. The destination is Haiti, specifically Port-au-Prince.

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R.E.M- The Great Beyond
09.22.2011 10:00PM
After 31 years and just six months after the release of their 15th studio album, R.E.M has called it a day. Like most of their career they did it with little fanfare - an announcement on their website with Michael (Stipe), Mike (Mills), and Peter (Buck) leaving some parting words. As a classic rock junkie, this is new territory for me. I've never had a favorite band dis-band.

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Photography: The Wish List
08.04.2011 9:00PM
As of late, between work, soccer, and softball, I've been reading a lot about photography and studying a lot of photographs that intrigue me. I've also been photographing, but not as much as I'd like. All the while, I was selecting photographs to enter in the Kentucky State Fair. I feel pretty confident that there is a 1st place winner in the bunch.

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It's Been A Long Time
08.03.2011 9:00PM
So I thought I'd drop in and say hello. It's been about three months since we last talked. It's not that you've been out of the loop, since I have been keeping you up to date with some additions to the photo gallery. But I have done more than just snap some photographs, so I thought I'd fill you in.

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Beavers and Ducks: A Look Back- May 12 & 13, 2004
05.12.2011 9:00PM
As we continue our celebration of 7 years of Beavers and Ducks, we have reached one of the greatest stories ever told. And I'm not just talking about Beavers and Ducks. I'm talking about EVER. It's a story so great that it received two posts on back to back days. Today, in their entirety, the posts from May 12 and 13, 2004, interspersed with 2011 commentary.

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Derby 137: The Fourth Act
05.10.2011 9:00PM
For the fourth consecutive year I, and a legion of friends, made the trek back to my Old Kentucky Home for the Kentucky Derby. Once again my parents were kind enough to open their home to us and not only provide us space to pass out, but also, provide us copious amounts of food - BBQ pulled pork and Derby pie - to be exact.

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Historic Preservation Month
05.02.2011 9:00PM
May is a great month for many reasons - Kentucky Derby, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and Flowers. Now, add another reason to the list, it's also Historic Preservation Month. I'm not going to get on my soapbox, well maybe, we'll see how it ends up. But to start, one of my favorite quotes, one that articulates my feelings about preservation:

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Calling All Visitors
04.18.2011 10:00PM
Even though I awoke to snow this morning, apparently its been Spring for four weeks now. It would be impossible to know with all the gray skies and rainy days we've had since the vernal equinox. But if things go as they have for my previous 26 years, Summer will, in due time, follow Spring. Who knows when that will actually occur?

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A Part-Time Resident's Guide to Washington DC
03.28.2011 11:00PM
Over the past twenty months I have spent at least one week a month in Washington DC. During that week, I live, work, and play in the nation's capitol. Living five cumulative months at one week increments has given me interesting insight into the city. On one hand I'm a tourist, rarely staying for more than 5 days. On the other hand, I've spent so much time there I know how the city works, without have to actually be a part of it all. So with that perspective in mind, I present to you, A Part-Time Resident's Guide to Washington DC Podcast.

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Beavers and Ducks: A Look Back- March 23, 2004
03.24.2011 8:00PM
Today we continue to celebrate the 7th Anniversary of Beavers and Ducks. So like I did with the first installment, I'm going to reproduce a post from the original Beavers and Ducks at Blogspot. Today, that post is from March 23, 2004 and I'll add some 2011 commentary. So without further ado, here's what 19 year-old me was blogging about.

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My Sin Filled Big Easy Road Trip Recap
03.08.2011 11:00PM
Hurricane Katrina and I have come full circle with my Mardi Gras road trip complete. Let me explain. On the night of Sunday, August 28, 2005 as I watched the news they babbled on about another hurricane that could come ashore and cause major damage. Multiple times before in the 2005 hurricane season they got it wrong and it again looked like ridiculous hype.

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My Dreams Are Not (Always) Prophetic
02.24.2011 7:00PM
Last night I dreamt I was at a space shuttle launch and the shuttle exploded just after takeoff as it failed to reach altitude. I thought nothing of it. And then I saw the headline on CNN.com that the space shuttle Discovery was scheduled for its final launch today. That's when I got freaked out. I usually dream every night.

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Beavers & Ducks 7th Anniversary Spectacular
02.23.2011 12:40AM
On this day seven years ago Beavers and Ducks was born. It wasn't my first website but the first in which the content was strictly my unfiltered commentary. Prior to Beavers and Ducks there were a few Survivor websites (you know back when it was in its first few seasons - this season, Redemption Island, is season 22.)

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02.03.2011 6:00PM
Without a doubt I can say I've never experienced anything like it. There's been lots of snow (Louisville's record total is actually more than Chicago's record total). There's been monster thunderstorms. There's been ridiculous winds. But never had I experienced them together in an epic combination until Tuesday night. While they warned to remain inside unless it was necessary to head out, I decided capturing the event through photos and video was necessary.

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The World That We Live In
01.25.2011 6:00PM
I went into work today, following an awesome birthday weekend, not really looking forward to the work week ahead. And then I saw a few drawings that had been returned with a significant amount of redlines and I was even less motivated to work. I had been at work for eight minutes. But can you blame me? On Friday I hung out with friends, bowled a 158 average over four games, and had more than a few drinks to celebrate my 26th birthday.

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The XIV Days of Super Bowl XLV
01.24.2011 6:00PM
Starting today and culminating with my prediction for the big game on Sunday, February 6, I will be bringing you The 14 Days of Super Bowl XLV. Honestly, the only reason to have two weeks between the conference championships and the Super Bowl, is for hype. You know, a long pregnant pause for dramatic effect. So why not play into it?

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ANNOUNCING: The Neighborhoods Project
01.15.2011 1:00PM
Starting in 2011, each weekend its feasible I'm going to trek to a different Chicago neighborhood and experience it. Maybe for an hour. Maybe for half a day. Certainly long enough to get a taste of what makes the neighborhood unique. I'll take photographs of the ordinary and extraordinary. I'll stop in at a local restaurant for lunch, dinner, or a snack. I'll do my best to capture the essence of the neighborhood so that I can translate it back through a captivating blog post.

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gregorydowell.com: 2011
01.04.2011 10:00PM
So this is Twenty-eleven. I'm not exactly sure what happened to Twenty-ten, but its gone. Seriously, I feel like last year got stuck in the time-space continuum and lasted for maybe five minutes. It was certainly fun while it lasted. So what's Twenty-eleven have in store for gregorydowell.com? A lot. Well I'm creating the potentional for a lot. We'll see how well I follow through. Here's a sneak peek:

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A CadaverBlender Christmas Musical
12.13.2010 8:30PM
No, its not what you're thinking. Keith and I couldn't get a hold of any Auto-Tune in time. So you're getting a list of our favorite Christmas songs. And they come in oh so many varieties - religious or secular; serious or funny; catchy or annoying. Whatever the case may be, its hard not to like a seasonal Christmas tune. It's not like there are many Hanukkah songs to choose from. So without further ado, five songs from each of us, that must be on the play list as you, "deck the halls, with boughs of holly."

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Interview: Theresa Dowell Blackinton
12.10.2010 12:00PM
While Theresa Dowell Blackinton's next book, Moon Kentucky won't arrive on bookshelves until Spring 2011, I got the inside scoop on her travels around the state. Find out about her favorite spots, the best food, and some of the interesting tidbits she learned along the way in this three-part interview with the author, photographer, and all-around gypsy. And then for all the need to know information about visiting the state, be sure to grab the book in the spring. Check out Part One of the interview below. Runtime: 14 minutes.

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Winter Time in a Summer Town
11.09.2010 9:00PM
So it's not yet winter in Chicago, seemingly far from it (temperatures have approached 70 the past few days), but its coming. The clocks have changed, and its dark well before six o'clock. At least five months of old man winter await along with temperatures that hover below freezing and feel much colder with the wicked Chicago wind. It's not fun.

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The Christmas List
11.03.2010 7:00PM
Now that the calendar has turned from October to November it's time, per custom, to unveil my Christmas list. You know, just in case you're in an extra giving mood this year, you'll know exactly what to get me. Don't forget, I've been extra good this year. So without further ado, my "work in progress" Christmas list for 2010.

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I Said, Trick or Treat Asshole
10.26.2010 2:00PM
Unfortunately every treat dropped in your bag on Halloween is not awesomely delicious goodness. Like a Snickers, or Twix, or Jolly Rancher, or Starburst. Nope, some asshole out there has to pick up something disgusting to put in your bag. Those are the people for which the tricks should be reserved. Because what they put in your bag is certainly not a treat.

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A Tradition Unlike Any Other
10.22.2010 2:00PM
No, not the Masters, but rather Illinois v. Indiana football. The stakes are even higher this year, as the Hoosiers head to Champaign on Illinois' Homecoming. And we all know the theory behind Homecoming scheduling - you schedule an opponent you know you will beat. Not that it always works out for the Illini. Not to mention both Illinois and Indiana claim to have invented Homecoming.

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Welcome to the NEW gregorydowell.com
10.17.2010 12:00PM
To borrow a phrase from Brent Musberger, "You're looking LIVE..." at the NEW gregorydowell.com. Ever since beavers&ducks made its debut over 6 1/2 years ago, I've always been looking for the best way to bring my content to you, the loyal viewers. Without a doubt, some versions have been more sucessful than others, and I'm confident this is the best layout yet. So let me explain the reasons for the changes and what'll you find at the NEW gregorydowell.com.

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